Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I went to Amsterdam and all I ate was Chinese food.

Is Amsterdam the capital of Chinese cooking outside of China? If you ask me, perhaps it is.
We visited Amsterdam and up to today, I am still laboring under the illusion that their national dish is char siew pork. Make that char siew pork and yang chow fried rice.

Can you blame me? It was a short visit, just all of 3 nights and while I did try to look for what Dutch cuisine was -- peering into a lot of those ahem, coffee houses redolent with that familiar sweetish smoky smell -- the most appetizing option I came up with was chinese food.
But what glorious chinese food it was! Comfort food when you've been out of Asia far too long, craving for that bowl of carbohydrates otherwise known as rice, with some familiar flavour to go with it -- the familiar flavour of PORK! Juicy, lovely, luscious PORK!

Nam Kee looked like it was transplanted straight out of Binondo by way of Hong Kong. A very panciteria type of place where service was brisk and brusque but the roasted meats more than made up for the lack of charm. Paired with a huge platter of yang chow fried rice and a large bowl of wanton soup, it was the best "Dutch" food I ever had.

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