Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poutine -- the best junk food ever!

What is the national dish of Canada?
Calvin Trillin in his article "Funny Food" published in the New Yorker, Nov., 2009 said that "poutine" while originally from Quebec, was fast becoming the Canadian national dish.
When I read that I thought well, if it is then I want to migrate to Canada. I would love to live in a place where the iconic dish is a bowl of junk food.
Because that's just what poutine is -- a bowl of cholesterol, a bowl of obesity, a bowl of cardiac arrest .... in reality, it's french fries, hand cut, freshly made, deep fried in lard and topped with cheddar cheese curds and thick brown gooey gravy! One bad thing piled up on top of another!
I finally got a chance to try poutine the last time I was in Hong Kong. As I was meandering along Ocean Terminal looking for a place to eat lunch, I saw a brightly lit stall called "New York Fries" serving of all things -- POUTINE! I ordered a small bowl, with a hotdog and a coke.
How did it taste? Well, how does anything bad for you taste? It tasted good of course! The fries were hand cut with some skin on them, just cooked, well salted and the texture of crisp fries with hot gravy and yummy soft cheese curds made for a sinfully good combination.
But I'm holding off on those immigration papers. If I had poutine everyday I wouldn't live to get my citizenship!

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