Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 10 : The A-B-C's of Eating. . . Part A.

A is for this small organic boulangerie down at the end of Rue Mouffetarde called Moisan - Le Pain AU Naturel (and that's where the A comes from).
They make AMAZING (that's another A) macarons.
Macarons are nothing at all like macaroons. Funny what a world of difference one less "O" makes.
Made with egg white,sugar, and almond meal, a macaron is basically two meringue disks held together by different kinds of filling.
You can have chocolate ganache or fruit fillings or whatever your macaron-loving heart desires.
Macarons come in different sizes, from bite sized minis to rather outsize disks like the ones I like at Moisan.
Forget Dalloyau or Laduree with their long queues of tourists buying super expensive macarons.
Moisan sells these large, gloriously delicious macarons for just 3.5 euros.
I have tried both Dalloyau and Laduree macarons and these taste so much much better.
Chewy, not too sweet, and the fillings are so fresh -- I had a raspberry macaron (which got crushed on the way back to the apartment) which was out of this world.
And like every other piece of bread and pastry in the store, the macarons are made with organic ingredients.
Which makes me feel just a little bit less guilty about liking them so much.

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