Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 3: December 24

Why does everything taste so good in Paris?
Perhaps because the French are so serious about their food and make sure that everything, whether artisanal or commercially produced, is of the best quality.
Today, after a visit to the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal along Rue de Bac, we chanced upon another proof of the French passion for the best quality food.
We saw this huge food store aptly called Grande Epicerie Paris where we spent a good hour an a half among the throng of Parisians rushing to buy provisions for their reveillon or noche buena.
It was delightful to just walk through the many shelves and counters selling all kinds of condiments (I never realized how many salts one could buy), sauces, pates, pastries, dressings, desserts, cooked food (from sushi to dimsum to falafel to beef wellington), organic produce, fresh produce (lobsters for 99 euros a kilo!!!) confectionaries, cheeses, chocolates, you name it, this place had it.
I felt like I was in Food Wonderland.
Too bad that taking photos was strictly prohibited, to separate the mere onlookers from the serious food shoppers, I suppose. But I did manage a photo taken outside the main door.
This is one place I must go back to before we leave Paris.

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