Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 4: Christmas Day

Last year, when we traveled to Europe, I discovered the joys of staying in an apartment versus staying in a hotel.
For one, the space is so much bigger (hotel rooms are tiny in Europe - specially if you have 4 star tastes but only a 2 star budget).
Also, if you stay in an apartment, for a split nano-second, you can actually fantasize that you are a resident of the place and not just a tourist.
And what do residents do? Well the mundane everyday things -- they do laundry, they make their own beds, clean their own place, shop for food.
And they cook.
Today being Christmas Day, I thought I'd cook something for breakfast. Cold cuts and cheese are wonderful but Christmas calls for a little more effort.
So, I made an omelette using the fresh mushrooms bought from Rue Mouffe, some of the good thinly sliced ham from the Boucherie St. Medard, three organic eggs -- all cooked in butter and good cloudy and very green olive oil. Plus a few fried baby potatoes on the side.
Joyeux Noel everyone!

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