Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Late Blooming Early Adopter

I have always been a laggard when it comes to technology.
I didn't have an air conditioner in my bedroom till the year 2000.
I fought kicking and screaming against the onslaught of the mobile phone ("Whaaaaaatttt???? Clients can call me ANYTIME????").
It took me some time to switch from a desktop computer to a laptop.
And I only got a flat screen t.v. set early this year.
So I think I must have been possessed by the wandering soul of an early adopter because just a week ago, I bought an iPad.
Yes, yes I know.
This from someone who had scoffed at the iPad as a glorified expensive plaything -- not really for serious business stuff, that's how people who bought it justified it to themselves and to their wallets.
But, something came over me -- a reckless spirit, a feeling of sheer abandonment of all reason, of throwing all principles and pre conceived notions to the winds....
Hello iPad, you lovely gorgeous thing! Come here and make me happy!

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